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Mailbox Forwarding

You can also designate which pieces of mail may be automatically deleted. All discards are shredded securely and all paper is recycled. If you're making a permanent move, use this service to update your address. As your business grows or you add more businesses your box can grow without changing the box number. You can visit your online account and manage your mailbox, as well as to request shipment, scan or discard orders.

What makes us unique is that we are not new to the business of mail forwarding, mail forwarding is our main business. If you do not live in Nevada, you can still form a Nevada Corporation or LLC and stop paying state income taxes and protect your families assets. You can also request repacking of your items for additional savings and convenience. All mail that we receive on your behalf is entered into our system and scanned daily. Enjoy a professional mail handling service that gives you the benefits of throwing out the junk mail for you.

As for your mail, we will use the most recently updated address on file to make sure your mail gets to you. You can click on next shipment when you are getting ready to request a bulk mail shipment to your address. Use the discard option to throw away unwanted items with the click of a mouse. When forming a business, the State of Nevada normally requires you to designate a Registered Agent for your company. All items you want sent will be listed, along with the total weight of the items you will receive.

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