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Mail Box Rentals

We will immediately notify you by email once the process of scanning your mail has been completed. Your mail is securely stored at our facility until you decide what to do with it next. We are a mail forwarding company located in Nevada. You can shop from various stores and get your packages delivered to your address. You can also instruct us to ship your mail on a specific day, or to use Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx if you prefer. You have access to our dedicated mail staff who are only a phone call or email away.

Beyond the convenience, ability to set the term, and ease of changing your address to forward your mail, there is also a prestigious business address that you get. We'll get rid of the junk mail for you and make sure you never miss any important mail again. As one of our clients, You'll have lower expenses for managing your address and greater flexibility in terms, level of service and forwarding options.

When forming a business, the State of Nevada normally requires you to designate a Registered Agent for your company.