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Mail Box Rentals

Our mail forwarding service is an excellent way for a business or individual to establish their own prestigious Las Vegas street address. With your box rental, we offer affordable mail forwarding and can act as your registered agent for a Nevada Corp or LLC for free. If you're making a permanent move, use this service to update your address. You can also designate which pieces of mail may be automatically deleted. An e-mail will be sent to you, containing the shipping information, shipping company, tracking number, and expected arrival date as well as your current account balance. Our competitors rely on local clients and the remote clients are not important, for us we prosper because of our remote clients, so they are number one.

You'll be able to save yourself overnight or express mail costs for urgent access. Every view and action is recorded for future reference and peace of mind. We'll use money from this account to pay the actual cost of forwarding your mail.

Our online service enables you to easily manage your mail service account at any time.