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Mail Drop

Establishing a Registered Agent is a critical step to ensure that the company is legitimate and qualified to do business within the state. For even more convenience when you're in one place for a period of time, you may choose to set up a regular mail forwarding schedule on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or other basis. All items you want sent will be listed, along with the total weight of the items you will receive. We work with many mass mailers, spammers, and internet sales companies that receive orders or return to sender letters. We receive and hold your mail, packages, certified, and registered mail for you.

As an added benefit, we don't pay state income taxes in Nevada which is a plus for an online business and for traveling workers or traveling RVers. We forward all First Class mail and all other mail with your personal mailbox number in the address. You can submit a request to ship from various carriers, figure out the estimated cost beforehand, and track every item to your door. You may prefer to have your mail digitally scanned and emailed to you, or you may prefer to have your mail rerouted to an alternate address. You simply review the image at your convenience, wherever you are, and decide how you want the item handled.