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Mail Drop

Anytime you want your mail forwarded, just give us the address online, by email, or by phone. We require the form 1583 from everyone because it gives us permission to receive your mail. When you want something on hand, just create a shipment in your account. If you want, you can stop by any time to pick up your mail, but there will be a two charge in the process. Check out some of the great benefits that are yours as soon as you sign up for our trusted and reliable mail forwarding service.

Use the discard option to throw away unwanted items with the click of a mouse. Every time we send you your packages you have the opportunity to change the receiving address. We always charge actual postage plus two dollars and if you don't have mail or wish to skip a forwarding, or want us to toss the junk mail we won't charge you. A medium box would average four pieces a day and five names. You can choose to have all incoming mail scanned automatically.