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Mail Forward Services

Rest assured you're not missing infrequent mailings such as important documents or health card renewals. You may prefer to have your mail digitally scanned and emailed to you, or you may prefer to have your mail rerouted to an alternate address. It's time you sign up with us and start taking advantage of all the benefits you get with a virtual mailbox. Every view and action is recorded for future reference and peace of mind. Once your items arrive we will notify you by email and photograph and register them in your online mailbox.

Check out some of the great benefits that are yours as soon as you sign up for our trusted and reliable mail forwarding service. Each time we forward mail it is only two dollars plus the actual postage for each bundle of mail going out and we only charge ten dollars per month for a Las Vegas street address. We ship via Fed Ex or UPS and we can use your account or our account depending on what you would prefer. Direct your mail to a new address with a few clicks, it's as simple as that. We will immediately notify you by email once the process of scanning your mail has been completed.