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Mail Forward Services

You can give the address we assign you to your customers, investors, or business partners and receive packages and mail regularly at this address. We require the form 1583 from everyone because it gives us permission to receive your mail. The online virtual mailbox delivers you images of all your mail and packages as if you were standing in front of your mailbox. With our service, you can choose to have your items sent to you quickly, or you can choose to pick it up at our office. As for your mail, we will use the most recently updated address on file to make sure your mail gets to you.

We forward only the types of mail that you specify, but you can also request special sorting. We've taken the pain out of mail management and sign up is simple and takes 5 minutes. All items you want sent will be listed, along with the total weight of the items you will receive. Once you've received your email notification, you can access your mail online through any desktop or mobile device. If you want, you can stop by any time to pick up your mail, but there will be a two charge in the process.