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Registered Agent

You can have us remail your letters and bills with a Las Vegas postmark at no charge by sending all your letters to us in one envelope along with a note to us. We forward all First Class mail and all other mail with your personal mailbox number in the address. Just call us during business hours, and our in house staff will assist you in any way they can. Your mail gets scanned and sent to your email where you can decide what you want to have done with it.

Every day we sort through your mail, record details about each piece of mail into our database and email notifications of new mail in your box. Each time we forward mail it is only two dollars plus the actual postage for each bundle of mail going out and we only charge ten dollars per month for a Las Vegas street address. When you request a shipment of your mail, we will ship your mail to you the following day. Rest assured you're not missing infrequent mailings such as important documents or health card renewals. As an added benefit, we don't pay state income taxes in Nevada which is a plus for an online business and for traveling workers or traveling RVers. If you want, you can stop by any time to pick up your mail, but there will be a two charge in the process.