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Registered Agent

Every view and action is recorded for future reference and peace of mind. By having a device that connects online, you'll have a digital copy of all your important documents everywhere you go. Establishing a Registered Agent is a critical step to ensure that the company is legitimate and qualified to do business within the state. For even more convenience when you're in one place for a period of time, you may choose to set up a regular mail forwarding schedule on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or other basis.

The address you will be assigned will be a street address with a number. You can also designate which pieces of mail may be automatically deleted. With our service, you can choose to have your items sent to you quickly, or you can choose to pick it up at our office. You can forward your mail to anywhere and anyone, around the world. You can select certain mail and mark it with special instructions on what procedure you would like us to follow regarding your mail. Each time we forward mail it is only two dollars plus the actual postage for each bundle of mail going out and we only charge ten dollars per month for a Las Vegas street address.