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Registered Agent

You'll be able to save yourself overnight or express mail costs for urgent access. You can even consolidate items and packages to save on shipping. Our mail forwarding service is an excellent way for a business or individual to establish their own prestigious Las Vegas street address. You can choose to have only selected letters entered into the system after you verify who the sender is.

With us, you can see exactly what's in your mailbox, which is a convenient feature. No matter how many items you have, we only charge two dollars per time for mail forwarding plus actual USPS postage. Our mail forwarding and Registered Agent services are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of business and individual clients. Once we get your mail, we will send you a notification by email telling you who the sender is and ask what you would like us to do with it. Our mail scanning feature delivers you scans of your important documents as soon as possible. We forward mail virtually anywhere in the world and can ship via all carriers.